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The best iPad cases from Apple

Apple iPad Pro (2020)


Apple’s own iPad cases come in many forms, including keyboard cases, and strike a compelling balance between protection and minimalism.

Pros: Well made, designed to fit perfectly, attractive designs, auto-wake and sleep features, keyboard case connects seamlessly to iPad

Cons: Expensive, limited colors for each season, no backlit keys on the non-magic keyboards, expensive

Although Apple iPad cases are often expensive and cost more than most of the other options in our guide, they are still excellent. If you want a case that has a perfect fit and sleek look, you can’t go wrong with one of these. Whether you want a basic folio or a keyboard case, Apple has an option.

The most popular version of Apple’s iPad cases are its Smart Folio cases. The folio wraps around the entire iPad to cover the front and the back from scratches. It utilizes magnets on the front and back to keep the case securely in place, but can be removed at a moment’s notice with a little extra force.

Unfortunately, Apple’s Smart Folio lacks complete protection, so for the price, you’re still not completely covered. The bottom and side remain exposed so your iPad won’t escape dents if it’s dropped on a hard surface. You’ll want to select Apple’s option if you don’t need a heavy-duty case, but prefer the minimal cover to keep food, dirt, and random objects from messing up the tablet.

Apple’s Smart Folio Keyboard case works with its iPad Pro models and fourth generation iPad Air, while the Smart Keyboard case works with the iPad Air (3rd generation), older 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and standard iPad (7th and 8th generation). Both are stellar keyboard options, even though they’re very expensive — ranging from $159 to $179 in price.

What does that price get you? The best in class wrap-around case that attaches with magnets for a slim and sleek design. The keys are completely covered in fabric so there’s no way for food or liquid to seep underneath and create problems typing.

Probably the biggest feature is that the keyboard case doesn’t require any pairing or charging. It connects through the contacts on the iPad and transmits data and power. As soon as the iPad is opened into the typing position it’s active and ready to go and as soon as it’s folded, it’s deactivated and won’t register unwanted key presses.

Of course, the newer Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pad Pro costs $299, making all of these other Apple keyboards seem much more affordable. However, it may be worth its high price because of its features. It offers a great keyboard and trackpad, but its unique hinge that doesn’t fold completely back ultimately makes it less of a case than the Keyboard Folio and more of a keyboard stand.

$49.00 from Apple

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